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Value Insight

  • A Visitor-Centric full-service cloud native Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform for Museums, Theme Parks and Entertainment Venues.
  • Eradicate your dozens of ticket-centric IT systems, siloed data and fragmented processes.
  • Effortlessly handle Ticketing and Visitor Interactions at every touchpoint, from pre-arrival to post-arrival.
  • Manage and Operate your business with ease at the across Venues and Sub-Venues, with one Globally-Centralized solution.
  • Harness the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your core and capitalize on native integrations with the Microsoft Technologies you use every day.
  • Streamline your Marketing to Ticketing and B2B Sales to Visitor Services management processes.
  • Future-proof your business and simplify your IT infrastructure by using the constantly updated Microsoft cloud.
  • Easily leverage Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Chatbots and Business Intelligence Reporting.

Benefits and Features

Ticketing & Venue Management

  • Retail and Bulk Tickets
  • POS and Self-Service Kiosk
  • Events and Venues
  • Resourcing and Scheduling
  • Seating and Capacity
  • Sponsorships and Partners

B2B Sales

  • Groups and Corporate Sales
  • Leads and Bookings
  • Contracts
  • Resellers and Commission
  • Comprehensive Products
  • Microsoft Office Native Integration


  • Personalized Campaign Automation
  • Cross-Sell / Up-Sell Suggestions
  • Events and Promotions
  • Emails and SMSes
  • Social Listening
  • Digital Campaigns

Guest Services

  • Service Requests
  • Complaints
  • Loyalty
  • Surveys
  • Lost and Found
  • Mobile Apps

How to Begin

  • Decide on your corporate strategy
  • Delimit your scope
  • Define your timelines
  • Secure your budget