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Product Management

Visit Statistics

Revenue Statistics

Product Management
  • Support for different product types: Day passes, season passes, time block tickets, group activities (schools, private groups), individual activities (workshops, guides), online activities (integration with zoom and ms teams), stock products,voucher based products, seated and non-seated events, multi-session events, membership products
  • Event Management
  • Schedule of activities based management via configurable rules
  • Multiple product variants with discretional price per visitor category
  • Group or individual tickets
  • Dynamic promotional pricing (based on the season, time of the day, channel and capacity)
  • Capacity management based on fixed or dynamic allocation
  • Ability to override capacity for specific channels and time within the day
  • Coupons (multi-use) and vouchers (single use) offerings with matching prerequisites and multi-offering parts
  • Customized ticket templates with card, printed tickets, wallet tickets, RFID, wristbands
B2C Sales
  • Multi channel support
  • Box office sales via POS
  • Call center Support with CTI integration
  • Mobile POS
  • Self Service KIOSK channel with white labeling capabilities
  • Events Portal for public, private and fundraising events
  • Multiple types of products with the ability to restrict or allow channel sales per product
  • Booking rules and booking validations enforced through any of the channels
  • Basket management and hold capacity
  • Multiple payment methods available per channel
  • Multiple levels of memberships with benefits attached to the members tracking consumed vs available and member-only offers
  • Upsell and cross-sell suggestions
  • MDM matching engine for deduplication
  • Customer service module for the handling of complains, bookings, payment issues, lost & found, offline booking requests and other type of issues
B2B Sales
  • Onboarding of new partners and partner due diligence process
  • Agreement type management with administration of product types and payment methods
  • Full credit limit management with warning and date/amount control
  • Ability to settle credit purchases
  • Open Invoice and Revenue on scan recognition for partners
  • Capacity allocation and voucher-based sales
  • Bulk sales pricing rules
  • Monthly statements for partners
  • Activity management integrated with Outlook
  • Partner case management
  • Partner self service portal
  • OTA Partner API





B2B Portal

Events/School Portal


Access Control

Channel API





Payment Gateway

PDQ Integration

Value Insights

  • A Visitor-Centric full-service cloud native Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform for Museums, Theme Parks and Entertainment Venues.
  • Eradicate your dozens of ticket-centric IT systems, siloed data and fragmented processes.
  • Effortlessly handle Ticketing and Visitor Interactions at every touchpoint, from pre-arrival to post-arrival.
  • Manage and Operate your business with ease at the across Venues and Sub-Venues, with one Globally-Centralized solution.
  • Harness the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your core and capitalize on native integrations with the Microsoft Technologies you use every day.
  • Streamline your Marketing to Ticketing and B2B Sales to Visitor Services management processes.
  • Future-proof your business and simplify your IT infrastructure by using the constantly updated Microsoft cloud.
  • Easily leverage Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Chatbots and Business Intelligence Reporting.

Benefits and Features

Ticketing & Venue Management

  • Retail and Bulk Tickets
  • POS and Self-Service Kiosk
  • Events and Venues
  • Resourcing and Scheduling
  • Seating and Capacity
  • Sponsorships and Partners

B2B Sales

  • Groups and Corporate Sales
  • Leads and Bookings
  • Contracts
  • Resellers and Commission
  • Comprehensive Products
  • Microsoft Office Native Integration


  • Personalized Campaign Automation
  • Cross-Sell / Up-Sell Suggestions
  • Events and Promotions
  • Emails and SMSes
  • Social Listening
  • Digital Campaigns

Guest Services

  • Service Requests
  • Complaints
  • Loyalty
  • Surveys
  • Lost and Found
  • Mobile Apps

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