Microsoft Dynamics 365.

cutting-edge solutions, move your business forward..

Focus your work on the one thing that matters the most: your customers. 

Dynamic 365 Marketing.

inventing a better way of marketing.
Dynamics 365 Marketing helps companies orchestrate customer journeys and personalize moments that matter across all touchpoints. With the help of AI and ML, you can build trigger-based journeys, identify, and target potential customers and turn them into business relationships. Additionally, you can manage all your events through one single platform, from initial planning to evaluation of ROI.
Real-time Marketing
  • Trigger customer journeys in real-time.
  • Respond to customer-led actions in moments that matter.
  • Use AI-driven recommendations for content, channels, and analytics.
  • Hyper-personalize your messaging.
  • Connect with customers on multiple channels.
  • Connect with an easily customized platform with tools you already use.
  • Win customers and earn loyalty faster.
  • Grow within a unified, adaptable platform.
Outbound Marketing
  • Turn prospects into leads.
  • Leverage the power of social media.
  • Get customer feedback with Customer Voice surveys.
  • Monitor and act on prospects and clients’ browsing behavior.
  • Create advanced segmentation based on prospect client information.
  • Engage audience with microsites, web forms etc.
Event Management
  • Manage all your event needs in one place.
  • Use business processes based on best practices for event planning.
  • Host webinars on Microsoft Teams or other webinar providers.
  • Increase awareness and engagement with personalized materials and surveys.
  • Seamless contact, registration, and attendance management features in one system.
  • Session track and speaker management.
  • Venue management for tracking buildings, rooms, and room layouts.
  • Guest logistics for registering hotels, room allocation, and reservations.
  • Tracking sponsors and their sponsorships for each event.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.

the ultimate 360-degree view of your customer.
Dynamics 365 Customer Insights applies AI to analyze rich pools of customer data. You can unify data from transactional, behavioral, and observational sources to create a 360-degree customer view.
  • Get rid of siloed data in multiple locations.
  • Have a holistic and comprehensive view of your customers.
  • Unify customer information with operational and IoT data in real-time.
  • View powerful analytical displays for each customer.
  • Automate personalized responses in real-time.
  • Apply Customer Insights data cleansing, enrichment, and fuzzy matching tools.
  • Use unified segments with outbound customer journeys.

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.

understand your customers to build better experiences.
Empower your organization to quickly collect and understand omnichannel feedback at scale to build better customer experiences.
  • Collect data easily from desired audiences.
  • Create robust and flexible personalized surveys.
  • Gather feedback across engagement channels.
  • Optimize outreach at the right time.
  • Connect and share learnings across departments.
  • Build unified customer profiles.


Omnichannel for Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

learn lifetime customers.
Transform customer experiences by empowering agents to drive faster resolution using generative AI and automation. Exceed customer expectations by delivering first-class customer service on any channel.
  • Effectively communicate with customers in the language of their choice.
  • Instantly connect and engage with their customers via channels like Live Chat, voice, and SMS.
  • Deliver relevant responses in real time with AI-powered chatbots.
  • Connect with trusted websites and internal documents using generative AI.
  • Automate routine tasks as well as sophisticated transactions.
  • Quickly set up phone systems for agents to assist customers on a scalable platform.
  • Get real-time and historical visibility and insights into the operational efficiency of agents and the utilization across various channels.
  • Assign the case to the right agent based on the customer’s emotions and needs.

Dynamics 365 Sales.

insights-based sales acceleration.
Get a complete view of your customer’s journey and accelerate sales by using customer, marketing, and sales data to identify ideal customer targets, recommend the next best actions, and collaborate with peers. Empower sales teams with generative AI, automation, and contextual insights.
  • Create, qualify and disqualify leads as part of the sales cycle process.
  • Connect sellers with customers through their preferred communication channels.
  • Streamline sales cycles through suggested next-best actions.
  • Predict revenue fluctuations and highlight areas of focus.
  • Get in-the-moment insights about customer emotion, competitive market, sentiment, and priorities in phone calls to enable guided selling.

Microsoft Azure Services.

a game-changer in digital transformation.
Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform, with an ever-expanding set of services to help you build solutions that meet your business goals. A highly available cloud environment with uptime guarantees (part of SLAs), provides you with a wealth of cloud-based services like remote storage, database hosting, and high-performance computing power.
  • Embrace new capabilities like AI, ML and IoT-focused services.
  • Add and remove computer power as needed.
  • Pay only for the IT recourses you are using, avoiding costly infrastructure.
  • Request as much storage as you need, without using computer storage.
  • Upkeep your computer from backups, updates, and bring new recourses in a cost-effective way.
  • Plan and manage your operating costs.
  • Scale up or down as your business needs change.
  • Only give access to those who need it.
  • No upfront costs.